A DogWatch Hidden Fence is safer for your dog,
less work for you, and better for the environment

When you choose DogWatch, your batteries last longer. That means less time & expense for you, and a reduced likelihood that your dog’s electronic collar will stop working due to a dead battery. With an underground dog fence from DogWatch, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet is safe – and that you’re having less impact on the environment.


Less is more! On average, DogWatch Hidden Fence systems use only one battery every two years.

The Competition

Invisible Fence® and other competitors’ pet containment systems typically require six to eight batteries every two years!

Our Average 10 Year Cost of Operation

At an average battery cost of just over $12/ year, a Hidden Fence from DogWatch is economical, easy to own, and almost maintenance-free.

Their Average 10 Year Cost of Operation

We’re pretty sure you can find a better way to spend the almost $900 dollars you typically save by owning an underground dog fence from DogWatch.

Our Average 10 Year Battery Usage

More efficient battery usage means a more reliable system – and less hazardous materials going into landfills every year.

Their Average 10 Year Battery Usage

Yikes! Bad for your wallet and for the environment.

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