Remote Dog Training Collars

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a remote trainer?

  • How does a remote trainer work?

  • Will the stimulation signal hurt my dog?

  • Which stimulation level is correct for my dog?

  • What is the difference between “Brief” and “Continuous” stimulation?

  • What kind of safety features do the BigLeash Remote Trainers have?

  • What age should my dog be before I can begin using a remote trainer?

  • Can my DogWatch Dealer assist me with training?

  • What is the correct way to use remote trainer?

  • How tight should the BigLeash receiver be fastened around my dog's neck?

  • My dog has some irritation on his neck from the receiver collar.

  • Can I cut the excess collar strap off after I fit the collar to my dog?

  • How do I insert the charger into the receiver collar?

  • How long do rechargeable batteries last?

  • What is the warranty on these collars?

  • Can my dog's collar receiver be accidentally activated by a neighbor's remote trainer?

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