See how DogWatch Hidden Fences are safer
and more reliable than GPS wireless dog fences.

GPS wireless dog fences (like Halo®) do not provide the same level of safety for your pet compared to wired (underground) electronic dog fences like DogWatch® Hidden Fences. Here are the downsides of GPS wireless fences, and the advantages of having a wired underground dog fence from DogWatch by C No Pet Fence.

Hidden Fence Boundary

GPS: Inconsistent Boundary

Hidden Fence: Precise, Consistent Boundary Equals Greater Safety

GPS wireless dog fences provide an inconsistent boundary signal, which can shift up to 16 feet at any time. GPS coordinates can shift due to weather and other factors. An inconsistent boundary can confuse a pet, making training difficult and containment much less reliable. It can even cause the pet to get a correction when they are not near the boundary or even inside the home. Hidden Fences with underground wires provide the most precise, consistent boundary at the wire. This consistency guarantees your pet is properly trained and will stay safely contained in their yard.

GPS: Short Battery Life

Hidden Fence: Longest Battery Life Available

Wireless dog fences typically use a rechargeable battery to power their receiver collars. These GPS collars need to be charged daily. The more often you need to charge the battery, the higher the likelihood of winding up with a dead battery, which in turn increases the chance that your pet will leave the yard. DogWatch receiver collars have the longest battery life in the industry, which means more safety for your pet and less hassle for you.

Hidden Fence Battery Comparison
Hidden Fence Collar

GPS: Collar is Bulky and Heavy

Hidden Fence: Lightweight Collar Fits All Dogs (and Cats, Too!)

GPS wireless dog fence collars are bulky and not suitable for dogs under 20 lbs. DogWatch receiver collars fit dogs of all sizes. In fact, our R7mini receiver collar weighs only 1.1 ounces – perfect for small dogs and cats, too!

GPS: Frequent Blackouts, Limited Uses

Hidden Fence: Patented SafeLink® Digital Signal

GPS wireless dog fences are not recommended for small properties, as the GPS boundary line can vary unpredictably (up to 16 feet). GPS signals can also be subject to interference from tall buildings, thick tree cover and other sources – resulting in frequent blackouts. DogWatch’s wired hidden fences work for properties of all sizes and our patented signal is less prone to interference, making DogWatch the most secure electronic pet fence available.

Hidden Fence Digital Signal
Hidden Fence Warranty

GPS: Monthly Fees and Minimal Warranties

Hidden Fence: No Monthly Fees and a Lifetime Warranty!

Many wireless dog fence systems require an on-going monthly fee for use of GPS and/or cellular networks. DogWatch Hidden Fences have no monthly fees. Plus, our fences come with a lifetime limited equipment warranty that is the best in the industry!

GPS: Online Support Only

Hidden Fence: We’re Your Local Pet Fence Experts!

DogWatch by C No Pet Fence is locally owned & operated by small business owners who live in your community. Our professionally installed hidden fences come with PetFriendly™ training that is customized for you and your dog. Our team will support you when you need it, even years or decades after your initial purchase. Check out our reviews for proof that our customer service is the best in the industry!

Hidden Fence Digital Signal
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Customer Testimonial

We tried to save a few bucks and bought the Halo Collar instead of having a new underground fence put in. It has been a nightmare. The battery dies after eight hours or so and then the collar has to be plugged in. My house is crazy, full of four kids who all steal chargers and the collar would go days without being charged… Not safe for my dog! DogWatch is super user-friendly. If there is ever an issue, they always respond promptly. I’m glad to have DogWatch at my new house now so I can take dog safety off my daily list of to do’s.

Amanda G.

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